Further training

SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY is responsible for determining the objectives of the further training, reviewing it and sending it to the FMH Swiss Medical Association for certification.

Further training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery includes:

  • Working for a period of at least 6 years as a junior or senior doctor in the field of Plastic Surgery,
  • Passing certain written and oral exams,
  • Completing a defined surgical logbook.

Work requirements

  • A total of at least 6 years working as a junior or senior doctor, divided as follows:
    • At least 2 years in a general surgery department
    • At least 4 years in a plastic surgery department or similar discipline

The training must take place within institutions recognised by SIWF.

Surgical logbook requirements

  • The logbook must log a precise and defined number of interventions and operations, and must be kept, reviewed and signed by the doctor undergoing training.

Examination requirements

  • Basic examination in general surgery
  • European examination, organised by EBOPRAS. (The society has not introduced a Swiss examination. Candidates therefore take the European examination).

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