More than 160 members: one high standard

The specialist in plastic surgery is the only doctor who has undergone postgraduate training in cosmetic surgery as part of his specialist training.

What does it mean to be a member of Swiss Plastic Surgery?

When you choose a doctor who is a member of the Swiss Plastic Surgery Association, you can rest assured that he or she meets the extremely high qualification standards set by our association. He or she holds the official, protected title of specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. This title is recognised by the Swiss Confederation and the EU and confirms that the doctor in question has undergone at least 6 years, and frequently up to 10 or 12 years, of postgraduate training, including the planning and execution of all current procedures in the field of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. To be awarded the specialist title, the candidate must have carried out a defined minimum number of various types of operations, have passed a Swiss and European examination in the speciality, held presentations and published papers. The title also guarantees that the holder regularly attends courses and congresses for the purpose of continuing medical training.


Our association is the professional society for the promotion of plastic surgery, and is committed to supporting and promoting knowledge, learning and research in this field. It is responsible for postgraduate education as a specialist and for the ongoing continuing medical education of its members. SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY is also responsible for advocating the professional interests and the ethical principles of its members.


Prof. Dirk J. Schaefer, MD, President (Basel)
Thomas Fischer, MD, Pastpresident (Bern)
Prof. Mihai Constantinescu, MD, President elect and Treasurer (Bern)
Doris Babst, MD (Zurich)
PD Merlin Guggenheim, MD (Zurich)
Prof. Yves Harder, MD (Lugano)
Prof. Wassim Raffoul, MD (Lausanne)

Mario Evangelista, Secretary General (Sax)


Linda Gloor

T +41 62 836 20 46

SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY keeps its own Mamma Implant Register for added patient security. This register allows abnormal developments in new implants or faulty implants to be identified without delay. While the register is anonymous, patients are entitled to inspect their details or have them removed at any time.

As a second quality instrument, SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY also keeps statistics of operations for cosmetic surgery.

In 2019 we are planning measures to increase patient satisfaction.

Additional quality-enhancement instruments are at the development stage.

SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY also issues advice on plastic surgery. This is an aid for patients, providing information on operations, assistance on finding a specialist, and details of rights and obligations etc.



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Advice (what you have to know about plastic surgery) (in German)
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