How do find the right plastic surgeon?

Which physician for which procedure?  You're asking the wrong question. A specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery generally covers the entire spectrum.  If you still have doubts about a surgeon's expertise and experience in the procedure in question, talk to him or her. We also advise obtaining a second opinion from another plastic surgeon.

10 tips for a good result

1 Check whether the physician is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

2 The selected surgeon must inspire confidence and trust in you. 

3 The information you receive must be clear and understandable.

4 The specialist must explain all the risks, complications, unpleasant effects and consequences of a planned procedure.

5 The specialist must give you a quote (generally in writing) and explain the listed costs.

6 The correct professional code of ethics is to recommend that you take some time to think it over and obtain a second opinion before the surgery.  Avoid physicians that urge you to undergo treatment immediately!

7 Before the operation, the specialist must give you an information sheet and consent form to read through and sign.

8 If in doubt, it is always best to obtain a second opinion from another specialist.

9 Immediately before the operation, there should be no more unanswered questions.

10 You must embark on the operation with a feeling of trust!