Operation abroad

Some patients prefer to be operated on abroad. The procedures on offer are usually extremely attractive in terms of price. But don't forget that a doctor abroad must also meet the quality criteria demanded of a doctor in Switzerland. And the post-operation period must be taken into account!

Tourism: Cosmetic surgery
Agencies often attract patients to foreign practices and clinics with lofty promises, for which they are paid sizeable commissions. Yet even the cheapest offer is often inflated by consulting fees, travel costs and various other services. Moreover, corrective surgery is often needed back in Switzerland, with the result that the procedure ends up being more expensive than it would have been had it been carried out by a specialist in Switzerland. Every procedure entails risks. The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery must be carefully considered and examined (see "How do I find the right surgeon?").

Here are a few important questions:

·         Where can I have my post-operative check-ups?

·         What can I do if complications arise?

·         Who can assure me that everything is in order during the healing phase?  

·         What if I am not satisfied with the results?

·         Who pays in this case?

·         Who is liable?

If you still decide to have the operation abroad, we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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