Patient rights and obligations

The rights and obligations of patients in the field of Plastic Surgery are governed by the FMH Swiss Medical Association Code of Conduct and the SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY Codex.


The FMH Swiss Medical Association Code of Conduct

Every member of SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY should conduct themselves in the professional and ethical manner required of a doctor. The basis for this is the FMH Swiss Medical Association Code of Conduct, which governs the conduct of doctors towards patients, colleagues, other healthcare partners and the public.



SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY has also adopted internal guidelines (the SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY Codex) in addition to the ethical principles of the FMH Swiss Medical Association. The obligation to inform is bilateral.

  • The surgeon must inform the patient of the procedure, the planned process, the alternatives, risks and complications.
  • The patient must inform the surgeon of their mental and physical condition, medical history and any medications they are currently taking.
  • The mutual trust between a patient and surgeon is extremely important. The patient should feel perfectly comfortable to ask any questions they might have and to explain their expectations with regard to the treatment as best they can.
  • The patient and surgeon must sign an informed consent form before every procedure. This confirms that the informed consent process has taken place.