What to do if your treatment didn’t go as expected

If you have undergone a plastic surgery procedure but the procedure didn’t go as expected or the result didn’t turn out the way you were told it would, you have various options available for finding out about your rights and the best way to proceed.


What to do in the case of problems after a surgical procedure

If you don’t think the procedure, after-care or treatment result corresponds to what was defined during the informed consent, the best way to proceed is as follows:

  1. First contact the doctor who performed the procedure. Tell them your concerns and ask for further clarification. Often the doctor’s explanation is enough to clarify the situation.
  2. If you are not satisfied by the response, seek a second opinion from another specialist.
  3. If you suspect an error or medical error during the procedure or in the medical care you received, contact the society’s Ombudsman. This free service can help mediate between you and the surgeon.
  4. In the last instance, you can contact the out-of-court panel of experts (Gutachterstelle).


Patient Safety Switzerland Foundation

The Patient Safety Switzerland Foundation is a national platform that promotes patient safety in Switzerland. Numerous additional materials and documents can be found on their website.


Swiss Patient Organisation

The Swiss Patient Organisation (SPO) protects and defends patient rights in the healthcare sector. It is committed to informing and advising patients so that they can make decisions actively and responsibly. A range of documents and information on the subject can be found on their website.