The specialty

Plastic Surgery covers the areas of reconstructive surgery, treatment of burn injuries, hand surgery and aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgeons treat birth defects, skin and tissue loss from accidents or disease, and they offer aesthetic improvements. They also play an active part in teaching, research and humanitarian projects.

Sub-specialities of Plastic Surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery
    Reconstructive surgery is used to treat birth defects and deformities, as well as skin and tissue loss caused by accidents, burns, tumour removals or disease. The priority is to restore the integrity and function of the body.
  • Treatment of burn injuries
    Burn injuries can also be treated under the speciality of Plastic Surgery. Switzerland has two burn centres, in Zürich and Lausanne, for patients with severe burn injuries.
  • Hand surgery
    Hand surgery is an important part of plastic surgeons’ training and day-to-day work. Much of the work done in the emergency department involves the treatment of hand injuries.
  • Aesthetic surgery and medicine
    The aim of aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery is to optimise an individual’s aesthetic appearance. It includes correcting signs of ageing and improving congenital or acquired imperfections. 

A plastic surgeon is the only state-recognised, certified aesthetic surgeon who has undergone the necessary training.

Plastic Surgery - a fast-advancing field

Plastic surgery has developed at a rapid pace since the end of the Second World War. Better knowledge of the human anatomy, the advancement of aesthetic techniques, the fight against infections after surgery, the development of microsurgery and new instruments have all played a part in this. Not least, the ever higher demands of the public have also led to Plastic Surgery treating ever more complex problems.

Humanitarian projects

Plastic surgeons also play an active part in teaching and research. Plastic surgeons lead and participate in many humanitarian projects and programmes for the treatment of noma, Buruli ulcer, leprosy, burns and cleft lips, to name a few.

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